My Sister Hired Assailants To Murder Me In Cold Blood. -

My Sister Hired Assailants To Murder Me In Cold Blood.

I was the last born in a family two. My sister Faith was the first born and I had a lot of respect for her for she was a straight forward person until she turned around to become a dangerous lady.

Our parents were top politicians in the country but died in a plane crush while on duty.

Fortunately, they left various investments including lands, vehicles and rental houses that we were to share equally amongst ourselves.

Since I was the last born, we agreed I was to inherit our entire homestead as always happened in our Luhya culture plus my uncles had approved that with no bargaining.

On the other hand, my sister was to take just the vehicle plus one acre land. At once, she accepted the offer and we thought everything was okay; she wasn’t.

Things started changing day by day as time went by. One day she came home and said she wanted us to rearrange how the sharing was going to done.

I could not allow since she wanted to take my portion. I ran to file a case in court.

The case went through and the previous allocation of the property was legalized through succession.

One day as I was resting at 9PM watching some football match, a black vehicle which had been tinted came at my new residence (my parents’ home).

Three men carrying guns came out and flung our door open. They wanted to kill me.

They said they had been ordered by someone to murder me. However, as fate would have it, they just warned me and left.

Three days later, I met Peter whom I told what went on the previous night.

He said he had a solution and that was to visit Kiwanga Doctors who are special herbalists that deal in ending domestic challenges as well as court cases.

Following morning he accompanied me to Kiwanga Doctors offices where I raised my concerns.

They assured me everything was going to be fine and my life would be safe. Three days later, the same guys came at night at my place.

I knew they would kill me now this time only for them to spill the beans about my sister’s plans to kill me.

They narrated everything and left. I really thank Kiwanga Doctors for their help. The herbalists solve theft cases. Marriage wrangles among others just in a few days.

They also solve manhood problems like penis enlargement, acnes and pimples for a perfect facial impression and also undesirable figure brought about by excess consumption of fats and oils.

Always call them for assistance if in need at any particular moment.

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