My past breakup made me feel like a failure’ – Muthoni Mukiri
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My past breakup made me feel like a failure’ – Muthoni Mukiri

Getting over former sweethearts has never been simple, especially for the former Inooro TV presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri, who says she thought she was under a spell after she divorced with her ex lover.

Talking on her YouTube channel, Muthoni said the breakup left her feeling miserable and and out of place. She said she questioned her self-esteem andeven had this feeling of not ever recovering from the heartbreak.

Muthoni has also emphasized on the importance of socializing whenever one is going through breakup.

“Do what you can at the moment. Do not sit alone when you are going through the worst. Pain will always be there but it’s the decisions you make that will help you decide the quality of life you will leave.”

My Past Breakup Made Me Feel Like A Failure’ – Muthoni Mukiri

In another video a year ago, Muthoni Mukiri opened up about being in a toxic relationship. She talked of how some boyfriends are insecure and controlling.

Despite dumping the toxic guy,
Muthoni said the agonizing breakup negatively affected her and she had to look for help from a therapist.

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