“My Husband Impregnated Our Daughter” Pastor Mary On Why She Went To Saudi Arabia

In a recent interview, Pastor Mary Wanjau from God’s Power Ministry opened up about her profoundly personal journey, shedding light on her tumultuous marriage and the series of events that prompted her to make a life-altering decision.

Renowned for her steadfast commitment to truth, Pastor Mary has long been a prominent figure in the Kenyan Christian community and on social media.

Her narrative unfolded when she encountered her future husband, also a pastor, during a challenging phase in his life. At that time, Mary held a significant role as the personal assistant of MCSK, providing her with access to considerable financial resources. Meanwhile, her husband was grappling with three months of church rent arrears, and his living situation was on the verge of collapse.

Driven by compassion, Mary extended her support, rescuing him from imminent financial ruin. This act of kindness forged a connection between them, leading to their eventual love and a wedding that formally united them as a couple.

Together, Mary and her husband embraced the responsibility of raising a young girl they adopted, showering her with love and support as their own daughter. Life remained harmonious until the adopted daughter reached university, experiencing a noticeable shift in behavior, even displaying rudeness towards Mary.

Worried about this abrupt change, Mary approached her husband for advice. To her surprise, he dismissed her concerns, attributing the girl’s attitude to stress.

A pivotal moment arrived when Mary, after a two-day absence, learned from her biological daughter in eighth grade about disturbing conduct between her husband and the adopted daughter in her bedroom.

Confronting her husband with this shocking revelation, he vehemently denied any wrongdoing. However, their adopted daughter admitted to the indiscretion, claiming that Mary’s husband intended to extend his affection to her as well.

Frustrated and hurt, Mary implored her husband to discuss the matter privately, away from their daughter’s presence. However, he insisted on involving the young girl, leaving Mary feeling disrespected.

As time passed, it became apparent that the adopted daughter was pregnant. Astonishingly, Mary’s husband declared that the girl was not leaving, warning Mary that if she chose to depart, she would have to take her own children with her.

Determined to end the marriage, Mary took the courageous step of leaving her husband and embarking on a journey of healing. To ensure there was no turning back, she relocated to Saudi Arabia, where she worked for nine months. This period of reflection and growth allowed her to regain her strength and find solace in a foreign land.

Mary’s story stands as a testament to her resilience and unwavering commitment to truth. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those who have faced challenging circumstances, reminding us that even in adversity, one can find the strength to move forward and rebuild their life.