My Experience On Having Sex With My Mother, DR. Kiwanga Helped Me Overcome Guilt After The Act.

My name is Peter 23years of age. My mother never said a word to anyone few times we experienced together. It all occurred to her wish to straighten me out so to speak.

We lived in Utawala and my mum was a housewife. One day when I had been home for break from the university, my mum called me inside her room.

She lifted her own dress showing me her girdle and her stocking and how they were held up. I could not imagine what I was seeing but she told me not to fear. I could see her panty crotch and her very dark underneath area.

She asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman where I replied no. At first I thought she had gone insane. She stood up and then lowered her zipper then stepped out of her dress.

She stood in front of me with me her long slip. I really did not understand what had gone wrong with my mum. I had there before had stories of incest but never experienced one.

I tried to stop her but she told me she was too horny since my dad had gone many days without meeting her conjugal rights and so I was the right person to step up.

She asked me if I got a penis which I said yes. This time my dick was hard and she inserted in her vagina. She told me that’s how men and women do and she wanted me to make her wet. She had really gilded me with her legs we kissed and had sex for about an hour.

A day after I was starting to have strange feeling. She told me not to ever tell anyone of the experience including my dad. Each day I would have some guilt which really killed my morale.

I had never imagined munching my mother. He vowed to kill me if ever disclose to any person. She said that I was his son and I was to adhere to everything that she directed me to.

She now developed the habit of wanting to have sex with me each time but where I was very much shocked since I knew it was incest. I shared the story to my close friend Anthony who advised me to seek help from Dr Kiwanga for cleansing purposes.

A week later I met Dr. Kiwanga secretly without my mother knowing. I told him everything and he did some herbal cleansing to me. After three days I was okay and my mother never persisted me with her urge to have sex with me.

She later visited Dr. Kiwanga through me for the same cleansing purposes. Since that day we had never at any particular time had sex with my mum.

I really thank Dr Kiwanga for assisting me.

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