My Elder Brother Had Already Banged My Wife, I Found Nudes In My Wife’s Phone.
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My Elder Brother Had Already Banged My Wife, I Found Nudes In My Wife’s Phone.

My brother used to even cane me at some point for failing to do certain tasks he was told to do by our parents when we were young.

This worsened my attitude towards him for many years. Unfortunately, our mother tried to stop our hatred for each other while we were still young but it was not possible.

Later when I married, my elder brother was the first person to oppose my move since he said I was still a toddler and that marriage life would be a difficult task to me.

Despite his age he was not yet married and so jealousy was in the air each time he saw me living happily with beautiful wife.

As time went by he started frequenting our house to pass some greetings; little did I know he was planning to wreak my marriage.

Sadly and unbelievable, one day while using my wife’s phone, I came across nudes of my brother and videos showing him lick her tits on our sofa.

I was so tired and lost of words. I wanted to murder my wife but a held my anger back.

I left to spend my night elsewhere and while going through the web pages, I came across herbalists called Kiwanga stories that read like a Holly Wood movie.

There were several testimonials from couples he had assisted.

I went to check on him next day and told him my problem which he helped and assured me it will be okay.

After just three days, my brother called me that worms were coming out of his manhood so I rushed to check what he reeling in pain as swarms of worms ate him alive.

I had to forgive him where he later paid 95,000 shillings to Kiwanga Doctors for things to be turned around and from that day, we happily lived in peace with my wife with no wrangles or trust issues in our marriage.

Respect was once restored between me and my brother. Kiwanga Doctors really helped me save my marriage life.

The herbalists also solve court cases, land wrangles just to mention afew.

They also treat syphilis, hypertension among other diseases just in three days.

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