My boyfriend infected me with Gonorrhea knowingly and ditched me

My name is Sylvia and I am 26 years old. I had this boyfriend whom I loved so much and his name was Philip. We were not yet married but he would come to visit me at my house every weekend and sometimes in between the week.

However, Philip did not want me going to his place. Whenever I wanted to go visit him, he always gave me excuses and I stopped demanding to go to his place since I thought he was not comfortable showing me his home. We had dated for 11 months. Angie does new U-turn on pupils' return

Though we were unmarried, we were sexually active and he could some few nights in our house during the week before going to his place. I was however concerned that he was not open enough to allow me to his place since I was so in love with him and I wanted us to be open with each other.

One day, I started having severe pains whenever I was passing urine. I also got very weird pains around my genitals and my lower abdomen and I decided to visit a medic to get a diagnosis of what was happening in my body.

After a series of tests by the doctor, I was told that I had a Sexually Transmitted Disease called Gonorrhea which had stayed in my body for over 14 days. I immediately broke down into uncontrollable tears. I did not understand I had contracted the STD since I was a faithful partner to my boyfriend.

On my way home, I called my boyfriend and asked him to meet me so that I could ask him if he was cheating on me. In the midst of the call, I heard a child cry in the background and immediately,  I heard a woman calling him asking him to pick up the child.

“Who is that? Is that your child? Are you married?” I asked Philip while trembling.

That is when he broke the news to me that he had several ladies and I was one of them. I was already breaking down and I asked him if he had infected me with gonorrhoea and he said yes. I threw my phone against the wall and cried heavily.

As days passed by, the disease was taking a toll on me and I was also suffering from Philip’s heartbreak. I called my mother whom I told my sad story and though she was sad that I was going through such a tough life, she gave me hope after telling me about Doctor Mugwenu.

She said Doctor Mugwenu was a traditional herbalist who was able to heal STDs and also restore lost lovers. I did not want Philips back but I really wanted to heal from gonorrhoea since all the medications I had gotten from the hospital was not helpful.

I met Doctor Mugwenu the next day after calling him on +254 740637248 where he gave me some prescriptions of traditional medicines. I thereafter started noticing some changes in my genitals and within few days I was completely healed of the dreaded STD. I decided to let of Philip after forgiving him.

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