My Boyfriend Cheated On Me Two Years Ago And I Just Found Out.

My boyfriend, Sam and I (Anabel) started dating a little more than 5 years and a few months now as we were in our last year of our internship and all was going well however we didn’t really set any boundaries for the relationship.

As our relationship was starting though we hadn’t officially started dating he had a trip to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda in that order.

He had planned the trip with a few of his friends for that upcoming Easter holiday long before we met and told me about it. He asked me to officially be his girlfriend the week before he left.

While he was there we texted daily and also made video calls at the start and end of each day. We were both deep in love and throughout the day and he assured me he wasn’t doing anything.

Although I had my doubts due to the type of people his friends are, the places they were going and that he was following random girls while there.

When he came back, he went through my phone while I was sleeping which started a cycle of suspicion and mistrust. I believed what he told me and never had the thought to do that to him until he did it to me.

I had one long term relationship that was pretty healthy before I met him. I ended up going through his phone, seeing messages and inappropriate conversations with friends.

I knew it was invasion of privacy, but I became really anxious and suspicious and I confronted him. He didn’t understand that sending risky messages was wrong and basically said he thought it was normal because everyone he knows did it.

I pretty much became addicted to going through his phone because every time I would – I would always find something that resulted in a fight.

When I got tired of the frequent fights, I started looking for a way out of the relationship. However I found out that I just had to change him other than run away from him.

A close friend of mine told me about Kiwanga Doctors and also made an appointment for me. I visited them and told me about the spells and how they worked.

I was positive about them and so we did the spell. After a while, the messages he was sending to other women stopped instantly but the promiscuous stuff he was doing with his friends didn’t for a while.

They had group on whatsapp where they would do things like share pornography videos, post pictures of girls and many other things. Eventually when they’d send photos of girls etc, he just stopped responding knowing that responses hurt me.

Life had started to change suddenly. We were pretty 50/50 when it came to being in a loving relationship yet being in a really unhealthy relationship due to the lack of trust, resentment and his anger.

We traveled together but always fought and basically all of our memories involved fights. I don’t know why I stayed, I think it was mostly because I was very naive when we first met, generally empathetic and I had hope because we’d have deep talks once in a while that made me feel like I was getting through to him.

So thought to myself that going back to Kiwanga Doctors for another love spell would do me good.

This time I wanted him to obey me. I wanted things to get more emotional and serious and make our relationship workout.

I prepared myself and when I was ready I made an appointment with Kiwanga Doctors and the spell was made.

Maybe 2-3 months ago our communication got really good and we basically opened this whole new chapter where we became really healthy, he was more willing to listen to me, compromise etc. he’s been working on himself a lot and I see the changes in him overall, behavior, effort.

Once quarantine hit we started to work out together 3 times a week, I live alone so he’d help me with whatever I needed, shopping, driving me for errands.

We were having a talk the other night and all of a sudden he decided to tell me the truth about the trip he had had with his friends as our relationship was starting.

He pretty much told me every detail, he had sex with someone and kissed two people. He was with his friends who were heavily encouraging him to do so.

He did take the blame completely on himself and I know he’s distanced himself from them in the last 2 months. He also promised that he hasn’t done anything throughout our relationship besides that and also admitted that all of the fights we’ve had throughout our relationship were due to this secret that he’s been keeping.

I have never felt more comfortable and I could never want for more in this relationship than I do right now. Kiwanga Doctors made me realize that there is nowhere else I would rather be than with my Sam. Thank you Kiwanga Doctors.

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