Mutura men smoked out of Lari town

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Hundreds of kilos of cooked meat were yesterday destroyed in Lari sub county

 in the war on cholera.

Public health officers seized the meat and jikos at Nyambare shopping centre and disposed of it in pit latrines and the slaughterhouse disposal pit.
Businesspeople have ignored the government ban on food hawking, despite the looming danger of a cholera outbreak, public health officer Moses Kamau said.
“We impounded all mutura and boiled and roasted meat being sold outside butcheries. This is unhygienic since no one has a water tank where customers can wash their hands,” Kamau said.
He said the meat is also improperly stored.
The public health officers were with Kirenga MCA Michael Mutuku and assistant chief Nancy Ndung’u.
“We want to ensure that residents are not living in a situation where they can contract the disease,” Mutuku said.

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