Mutura Man Kisii: How I Earn Ksh.1500 In Just 3 Hours

Nicholas, a Mutura man based in the Donholm area of Nairobi, Kenya, has revealed how his small business has become a source of living for him and his family. He started this business several years ago with a stock of only Ksh.2000, and with time he has grown his stock to satisfy his customers. The journey hasn’t been easy, but he persevered, and his business started booming, making him notorious in the area for how delicious his Mutura is.

Nicholas sells up to 16kgs of Mutura daily, which is almost equivalent to selling one goat daily. He works for three hours daily, and in Kenya, the Mutura business is usually at its peak during the evening hours. During this time, he earns Ksh.1500, and sometimes Ksh.1000 as profit, after all the expenses have been deducted. In a month, Nicholas makes Ksh.45,000, which is a good amount of money considering the low start-up cost and low operating costs of the business.

Thanks to his Mutura business, Nicholas has been able to pay for his children’s school fees, and he already has a child in university. The business has also helped him to sustain his life, pay bills, and feed his family. He takes pride in his business, and it has indeed changed his lifestyle for the better.

In summary, Nicholas’s story is a testimony that small businesses like his can be a source of livelihood for many people. With hard work, perseverance, and dedication, one can start a business with little capital and grow it to become a sustainable source of income.