Murathe warns of consequences If Raila wins without Mt Kenya -
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Murathe warns of consequences If Raila wins without Mt Kenya

Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe has maintained that ODM party pioneer Raila will win the August elections regardless of the Mt Kenya votes.

Talking during a meeting with Citizen TV on Tuesday night, Murathe said to the Mt. Kenya region that Raila would win.

“This is the message to Mt Kenya… Raila is winning this election. They better decide whether he is winning with them onboard or without them on board. If Raila wins without them on board, they know they will be consigned to the dustbin and probably this is the strategy of deputy president,” Murathe said.

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Murathe said Raila was close winning in the last election and he didn’t have the help of Mt Kenya.

“As far as we are concerned, Raila was at almost 50/50 with Uhuru. Raila never got Mt. Kenya votes meaning this time around, in the worst-case scenario, if Raila gets Mt. Kenya votes whether 40 per cent those are votes he never had but the rest of his vote basket is intact,” he said.

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“We are telling the people of Mt Kenya, with or without your vote, under the current circumstances, Raila is going to be president because you can be sure Raila is going to get some votes in Mt. Kenya this time round.”

Murathe said the president has stood out his neck to energize his people on what is best for them.

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“Under the current circumstances he will be president,” he said.