Murang’a woman kills her baby to be free to go work in Saudi Arabia

In a shocking and tragic incident, a woman from Murang’a in Kenya reportedly killed her baby in order to be able to travel to Saudi Arabia for work. According to news reports, the woman had been offered a job as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia and was eager to take it up in order to provide financial support for her family. However, she was unable to leave the country due to her newborn baby’s presence.

In a desperate bid to be able to travel, the woman allegedly killed her infant and disposed of the body in a septic tank. She then traveled to Saudi Arabia, leaving her other children behind. The police were alerted to the incident after the woman’s husband reported her missing and the baby’s body was discovered in the septic tank.

This incident highlights the extreme lengths that some women in developing countries are willing to go in order to provide for their families. Many women, especially in rural areas, are unable to find work within their own countries and are forced to seek employment abroad, often in low-paying and often exploitative jobs. The lack of economic opportunities and social support for women in these countries can lead to desperate measures such as this.

It is important for governments and society to address the root causes of poverty and inequality, and to provide support and opportunities for women and their families. This includes investing in education and training, creating employment opportunities, and providing social and economic support to help women and their families break out of the cycle of poverty.

In conclusion, the incident in Murang’a is a shocking and tragic reminder of the desperation and lack of opportunities faced by many women in developing countries. It is crucial that we address these issues and provide support and opportunities for women to be able to provide for their families in a safe and dignified manner.