Murang’a Man Returns Home Only To Find His Wife With Twins For Another Man In His Own House.

A middle aged man identified as Samuel Thiongo Njau is currently nursing heartaches after returning home only to be met by twins who he had not sired.

The man from Kangema town speaking to Murang’a Newspaper revealed that he had been staying in Nairobi and due to logistics, could not make to travel on a daily basis to and from Nairobi.

He said that given by the nature of his job, he stayed in Nairobi for a whole year since 1st January, 2021 and returnedd home yesterday, December 26.

“I have been working like a donkey in Nairobi. Still I made sure that we talked every evening and on weekends I’d send her upkeep money. She has betrayed my trust,” Njau said.

He went on to add that the lady started acting weird when he informed her that he would be making a trip home.

I told her that I’d be coming home but she started giving excuses that she would be traveling to her mums place.

“After too much back and forth, I told her that I will then continue working and we were okay. But I decided to make the trip anyway. I have been so shocked after she confessed to me that indeed the kids were her’s.”

A sad Njau stated that he will just leave the house to the lady and return to Nairobi and concentrate on his job with no hopes of ever getting married adding that he had invested so much on the lady but she betrayed him.