Murang’a Man Makes His Own Customized Coffin In Readiness For His Death (PHOTOs).

The man identified as Mzee Kimemia has already hired a bodaboda rider to carry him inside the coffin to his burial site once the coffin is fully ready so that he can taste its feeling before he dies and gets buried in it.

“Everyone should be ready for death, and that’s why I decided to make my own coffin and now I know what type of a coffin I’ll be buried in,” Mzee said.

This is not the first time for such occurrence in Murang’a. Early February, 2021, another man from Murang’a had constructed a concrete grave which had a modern day sitting rooms’ setting and directed his family on how to hurry him.

The man, Kamau, said that everyone should be prepared for death and it is only wise to plan ahead of the curtains dropping day.

He observed that most people are buried in some ways that they would not have liked their last send off to be adding that citizens should have atleast one of the items they would like to be sent off with; the casket, grave or the clothes.

This comes in the wake of a heated debate of whether it is wise to bury someone in a grave in the modern times with environmentalists arguing that cremation is is the only way.