Murang’a Man Given A ‘Dog’s Beating’ After He Was Busted Snooping On Female Neighbour In The Bathroom.

There was drama in Kenol Town after a man was busted snooping on a female neighbor who was taking a bath at a communal bathroom.

The man identified as Jame Karanja is said to have been caught seriously staring at a female neighbor as she was busy scratching the day’s sweat.

According to the lady, she heard some funny sounds coming from the small bathroom’s window and after looking up saw the face of Karanja and got spooked hence raising the alarm.

I was busy taking a bath then I heard some funny sounds but at first did not give it a thought. Moments later, the sounds continued and I looked up only to see a man staring at me,

she said.

I got scared andd screamed and that’s when my neighbors came and started beating the man,

she added.

The residents said that the beating was enough for the man and will serve as a lesson to any other perverted individual thinking of snooping on bathing tenants.

Fortunate or unfortunately, Karanja managed to walk free buut with serious injuries before area police could arrive at the scene and make an arrest.