Mungai Eve: How 22-Year old Mints Ksh1.5M+ Monthly From YouTube -

Mungai Eve: How 22-Year old Mints Ksh1.5M+ Monthly From YouTube

As of february 2023, Mungai Eve is one of Kenya’s most popular YouTubers with a staggering 395,000 subscribers on her channel. At just 22 years old, she has built a loyal following of people who admire her content, which focuses on interviews with individuals with captivating stories, not just celebrities.

Mungai’s journey on YouTube began towards the end of 2020. Starting a channel was not part of her initial plans, but it was a suggestion from her boyfriend and Director, Trevor, as she pondered her next step after dropping out of college due to financial difficulties and considering going back to her hometown in Murang’a County.

Her first videos were from the Gengetone Festival in Machakos County in November 2020. With Eve as the host and Trevor as the filmmaker, she quickly gained traction with her coverage of up-and-coming artists and youth in Nairobi’s low-income neighborhoods.

Several music and social media stars, such as Stoopidboy, Madocho wa Kanairo, and Manzi Wa Kibera, shot to fame thanks to viral interviews on her platform. Additionally, she started offering artists and creators the opportunity to promote their videos on her channel. In June 2021, when she had 140,000 subscribers, Eve and Trevor claimed that they were earning up to Ksh1.5 million every month, citing their consistency as the main reason for their success, with at least three videos published daily.

Nowadays, the Mungai Eve brand is a go-to source for celebrity news and entertainment content. She interviews not just little-known artists but also some of the biggest names in the country, such as Jalang’o, Eric Omondi, Bahati, and Willy Paul. Mungai has big plans for the future, including partnerships and collaborations, but for now, she is focused on maintaining the growth of her platform.