Mulamwah: Why I’m a Millionaire But Still Live in a Disorganised Bedsitter.

One of Kenya’s renowned celebrities, content creators, and radio presenters, Mulamwah, has recently opened up about his choice to reside in a modest bedsitter. Despite his status as a millionaire and substantial earnings from his business ventures, Mulamwah humbly embraces his current living arrangement in one of Nairobi’s estates.

During an interview with Plug Tv, Mulamwah revealed that he opted for a lower rental expense because he is currently in the process of constructing his own mansion in his village. Considering that he lives alone, he found it more suitable and cost-effective to reside in a bedsitter.

Mulamwah has shared several photos of himself inside his bedsitter on his social media platforms. Many observers have noticed that the living space appears consistently disorganized.

The comedian clarified that the disorderly appearance of his bedsitter is merely a setup for content creation. By intentionally maintaining a disorganized setting, Mulamwah aims to establish relatability with his audience. According to him, capturing the attention of the viewers necessitates the utilization of examples that they can connect with.

Prior to moving into his bedsitter, Mulamwah was accustomed to spending less on rent as he resided in a one-bedroom apartment. The rent for his former one-bedroom apartment amounted to Ksh. 9,000 per month, and he even shared the rental receipts online. Mulamwah’s financial philosophy revolves around saving and investing