Mulamwah Still Calls Ruth K ‘Bestie’ Not Wife Even After Giving Birth To His Son

Netizens are calling out Mulamwah for his choice of words regarding Ruth K, the mother of his child, by labeling her as his “bestie” instead of a more fitting title like “wife.”

Initially, Mulamwah and Ruth K’s relationship revolved around their collaboration in content creation. However, things took a significant turn when Ruth K became pregnant with Mulamwah’s child, sparking surprise among many, especially given Mulamwah’s tumultuous past relationship with Carol Sonnie. This previous relationship ended messily, with Carol raising their child alone initially due to Mulamwah’s denial of paternity.

Despite his initial reluctance, Mulamwah eventually decided to take responsibility and be involved in his daughter’s life, although Carol understandably struggled to trust him again after his past actions.

Rebuilding trust and establishing a healthy co-parenting dynamic is a process that takes time and dedication, and it remains uncertain how Mulamwah and Carol’s co-parenting journey will unfold.

Ruth K has been celebrating her success as a content creator, recently hitting a noteworthy milestone of 298,000 YouTube subscribers. Mulamwah publicly praised her accomplishments, referring to her as his “bestie” and expressing pride in her achievements.

His public declaration of affection has left many netizens perplexed and questioning why Mulamwah continues to label Ruth K as merely his best friend rather than acknowledging the deeper bond they share as parents.