Mulamwah Reveals He Has Spent Sh8.5 Million on His Mansion -

Mulamwah Reveals He Has Spent Sh8.5 Million on His Mansion

Digital content creator and entrepreneur, David Oyando, renowned by his pseudonym Mulamwah, has recently unveiled that he has allocated approximately 8.5 million Kenyan shillings towards the ongoing construction of his luxurious residence.

During an interactive Q&A session with his extensive cohort of over 677,000 followers on Instagram, Mulamwah provided a glimpse into the construction’s current status, accompanied by images that served as his architectural inspiration for the abode.

In response to inquiries regarding the financial commitment to his domicile, Mulamwah succinctly stated, “An approximate sum of 8.5 million shillings… we are nearing the final stages of completion.” He conveyed his perception of the two-story mansion as “an embodiment of simplicity,” simultaneously revealing his absence of vehicular ownership in the present moment.

In the discourse surrounding the preferable initial investment between an automobile and a residence, Mulamwah aptly emphasized that the choice hinges on the idiosyncratic inclinations and fiscal circumstances of the individual. He articulated, “This query mirrors the age-old Messi versus Ronaldo debate, perennial and unresolvable! It is imperative to acknowledge that financial resources serve multifarious purposes, each person boasting distinct preferences. Exercise your fiscal prerogative in a manner that resonates with your aspirations, ensuring judicious employment of these funds.”

In essence, Mulamwah’s prioritization of erecting his dwelling in lieu of acquiring an automobile underscores his acumen in financial strategy. His actions underscore a prescient inclination to sow the seeds of future stability, erecting a robust cornerstone for himself and his family.