Mulamwah Now Reveals Why He Refused to Take a Picture With Brian Chira -

Mulamwah Now Reveals Why He Refused to Take a Picture With Brian Chira

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah recently found himself in the midst of a controversy when renowned content creator and TikToker Brian Chira accused him of refusing to take a selfie together after an unexpected encounter at the Kenya National Theatre.

According to Chira, Mulamwah turned down the opportunity for a photo, expressing concerns about being linked to someone he deemed scandalous.

This rejection deeply upset Brian Chira, prompting him to vent his frustration and remind Mulamwah of their shared humble beginnings and the significant role he played in Mulamwah’s ascent to fame, during his TikTok live sessions.

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve, Mulamwah provided insights into his decision, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive image both online and offline.

Mulamwah stressed that the content individuals create on social media platforms, like the explicit material that Chira shares on TikTok live, reflects upon their true character and actions in real life.

The comedian expressed his reluctance to associate with individuals who engage in inappropriate behavior on social media. He stated that he cannot befriend someone who performs explicit acts while being enthusiastically cheered on by viewers.

Mulamwah encouraged the younger generation on TikTok to learn from their online experiences and understand that the fame they acquire can either bring benefits to themselves and society or have detrimental effects.

While Mulamwah acknowledged his willingness to collaborate with Chira in the future, he made it clear that this can only happen once Chira rectifies his mistakes and demonstrates a more respectful approach to content creation.

Mulamwah further emphasized that posing for photos with Chira before he addresses his behavior would convey the wrong message to his followers and potentially tarnish his own brand and reputation.

He advised Chira to clean up his act and exhibit respect, as being associated with someone who creates inappropriate content could have a negative impact on Mulamwah’s influence over those he aspires to inspire.