Mukombero and other Kenyan products that fetch millions in International markets

Did you realize that certain commonplace items found in Kenyan households can command significant prices in international markets? While these products may seem ordinary locally, they have garnered substantial global admiration, enticing foreigners to make substantial expenditures on them. Below are some of the local items that possess considerable value in the international market.


Mukombero, a popular “snack” in Western Kenya, is commonly chewed for its perceived medicinal benefits. Widely associated with enhancing male libido, this root is often peddled on Kenyan streets, fetching around Sh10 per stem. Despite its local market value, Mukombero is highly esteemed internationally due to its nutritional advantages. It is believed to aid in flu treatment, improve mental performance, lower blood sugar, and boost immunity. In the UK, the stem is either crushed into powder or sold in capsule form, with a tin containing 100 capsules priced at approximately Sh5,000 (£28).


Mutura, a Kenyan street food popular among the youth and men, consists of ground meat stuffed into small animal intestines and grilled with regulated heat. In Kenya, it is often sold in dimly lit places for as low as Sh20 per piece. However, this unique Kenyan delicacy has gained popularity abroad, especially in the United States of America (USA). Entrepreneurs like John Kamau Karanja have found the Mutura business to be highly lucrative in the USA, with a single piece fetching between Ksh560-Ksh11,300 (USD5-100). Karanja attributes his success to the business, noting that it provides significant opportunities for determined individuals, especially those who may not be affluent.


Kiondo, a basket-like bag commonly used by women for shopping in Kenya, is one of the most expensive Kenyan products abroad. Locally, it is priced between Ksh200 to Ksh2,000, depending on the purchase location. However, in London, a Kenyan journalist discovered Kiondos crafted from leather being sold for Ksh71,000 (EUR450), maintaining the same structure as the traditional ones. This significant price difference highlights the international appeal and demand for this otherwise commonplace item.

Maasai Shuka

Maasai Shuka, a shawl popular among the Maasai community for dressing and commonly used as bedding in Kenyan households and learning institutions, commands a price between Ksh400 and Ksh1,500 locally, depending on quality. In the global market, a single piece reportedly costs at least Ksh4,500 (USD33), underscoring the international recognition of this traditional Kenyan cloth.