Mucaina Masta Reveals Reason Why He was Fired From Coro FM.

Former Coro FM Radio Presenter and Host, Muchina Master, shares the story of his unexpected departure from Coro FM, a Kenya Broadcasting Corporation-owned radio station, at the peak of his career.

Originally a banker turned media personality, Muchina Master faced termination from Coro FM after featuring the late gospel musician, Mercy Waciama, on his show. The incident occurred just a few days before her gospel music ministry celebrations, during which she promoted her event on air.

Following the show, Muchina Master took a one-week break and accompanied his newly married wife on a vacation to Mombasa. On his way back to Kitengela, he received a distressing call from Coro FM, announcing the unfortunate termination of his contract.

Shortly after this setback, Muchina’s personal life took a difficult turn. His wife gave birth to twins, but one of the infants did not survive, and the surviving child required a two-month hospital stay. This period coincided with Muchina Master’s financial struggles.

Despite these challenges, Muchina Master eventually made a comeback by hosting shows on his Facebook page. These online shows garnered attention, leading to opportunities with various land-selling companies.

Utilizing the proceeds from his collaboration with eight land-selling companies, Muchina Master purchased two acres of land in Kitengela and established his own company.

In 2023, Muchina Master received a call from Njogu wa Njoroge, inquiring about his radio career. Explaining that it was an opportunity that presented itself, Muchina met with the veteran Radio Presenter in Bypass. During their brief meeting, Njogu wa Njoroge urgently asked Muchina to provide him with a compelling Drive-In show at Muoroto FM, marking Muchina’s return to radio.

Currently, Muchina Master is employed by Muoroto Radio, formerly known as Iganjo FM, which underwent a transition after its previous owner, Andrew Ngirici, sold it to an undisclosed investor.