“Mtoto Ako 22 Years”Pritty Vishy Marks Birthday In Style(Photos)

Pritty Vishy has surprised the online community with the revelation that she has turned 22 years old. Many found it hard to believe that she looks so youthful for her age.

In a social media post, Pritty Vishy confidently declared, “22 looks good on me already mtoto ako 22yrs on Tuesday eiii,” accompanied by photos celebrating her special day.

Despite the comments and opinions of others, the content creator and aspiring rapper remains unapologetic about her appearance. Back in June of this year, she made a bold statement by sharing a video on Instagram in which she wore a bikini while strolling in a picturesque location. In the post, she expressed her self-confidence and encouraged other plus-sized women to embrace their bodies.

As usual, both critics and fans flocked to the comment section to express their thoughts on her courageous move. One fan praised her with, “Gurllll you stunning 😍😍, you’ll see some girls giving negative comments, I don’t even know what to tell them.” Another fan humorously remarked, “You don’t want to tag me because you don’t want me to be clingy 😮😮😢.”

Pritty Vishy also called on women to support each other, saying, “Ladies, let’s gather here…muache kuentertain ujinga mkiambia msee Ako sawa” (Ladies, let’s stop entertaining nonsense when telling someone they look great).

Despite her self-assured demeanor, Pritty Vishy pointed out the double standards faced by plus-sized women. She highlighted how society tends to praise petite women when they wear bikinis but often criticizes plus-sized individuals, comparing them to animals like hippos or rhinos.

Shifting gears, Pritty Vishy recently shared her excitement about her mother’s return from Saudi Arabia, where she had been working. Her mother’s arrival was particularly significant as she had fallen ill while abroad. The 22-year-old expressed her joy at having her mother back home and her gratitude for her mother’s support. In her words, “Mother’s support—she’s coming soon. Are you guys even ready?”