Moya David Launches A New Classy Barbershop in Kitengela -

Moya David Launches A New Classy Barbershop in Kitengela

Moya David, a talented Kenyan dancer and digital content creator, is continuing to make great strides in his entrepreneurial ventures. He has recently opened a new barbershop, Moya City Barbers, in Kitengela and is receiving warm congratulations from fans and supporters. This new addition to his business portfolio follows the successful launch of Moya City Spa in Kilimani last year, which saw a number of well-known digital influencers attend the grand opening.

Moya has been working hard and saving up for this moment for a long time, seeking advice from close friends on how best to spend his money. He expresses great pride and joy in his latest accomplishment, describing it as a dream come true.

Moya David gained widespread recognition and a strong following after videos of him dancing and spreading joy in the streets went viral. He continues to inspire others with his hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit.