Mother Abroad Cries After Seeing How Her Kid Looks Despite Sending Money Home Monthly

In a heart-wrenching social media post, a woman named Rina, who works in Saudi Arabia, expressed her deep sorrow upon seeing the current state of her child back home.

Despite her relentless efforts to provide for her children’s well-being, Rina was devastated by an image of her son and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Rina revealed that she had toiled day and night in Saudi Arabia, hoping to secure a better future for her kids. However, when she received a video of her child from concerned neighbors, she was filled with anguish.

While she diligently sends money back home to support her child’s upbringing, she was dissatisfied with the child’s living conditions.

Addressing some of the comments that followed her post, Rina explained that she was not allowed to bring her child along when she migrated to Saudi Arabia for work. The separation from her child added to her distress, making her long for his well-being even more.

It is evident that Rina deeply cares for her child’s welfare, and the distance has taken an emotional toll on her. The video shared on social media brought her a mix of empathy and sympathy from users across different platforms.

Some commenters offered reassurance, stating that the child appears healthy and may be part of a larger family that benefits from the financial support Rina sends home. They suggested that the money she sends is likely used for the collective good of the family, including buying food and other necessities.

However, others couldn’t help but express concern for the child’s situation. They acknowledged the pain of being away from a child and the struggles that come with providing for loved ones from a distance.

In her moment of vulnerability, Rina shared that she trusted a family member to care for her child. Although she didn’t delve into the details, she expressed that it was one of the best decisions she had made, hinting that her child is now in better hands.

Amidst the heartbreaking accounts shared by others about their own childhood experiences, some recounted stories of having their best clothes reserved for special occasions and visitors. It became evident that many have faced similar challenges while growing up.