Mortuary Threatens to Sue Pastor Ezekiel for performing a Miracle That Has Made Them Run Out of Customers

The pastor Ezekiel Odero finds himself embroiled in controversy after claiming to have performed a miracle that led to a funeral home running out of clients. Milele Funeral Burial and Benevolent Services in Kilifi County plans to sue the pastor for his actions.

According to reports, Pastor Ezekiel allegedly cleansed a black spot near the funeral home and then publicly announced that the morgue had lost business after he sprinkled holy water on the spot. He claimed that the morgue was not near any medical facility, implying that it was encouraging deaths in the area by having everything in place to cater to the dead.

The pastor’s statements have caused concern among the management of Milele Funeral Services, who have announced that they may take action against him. Johnson Amani, who heads the company that operates the funeral home, has stated that Ezekiel’s remarks are false and that the funeral home is still operational.

Amani maintained that Pastor Ezekiel has been damaging the facility’s reputation since 2020, although they followed all regulations before setting up the business. Even as he spoke, there were bodies from an accident scene in Taita being transported to the Milele Funeral Home morgue.

The pastor’s claims have potentially landed him in trouble, and the lawsuit against him shows the seriousness of the allegations. The management of the funeral home maintains that their business is legitimate and does not encourage deaths in the area.