” Mimi Ndio Maria MAMA Yesu,” Yesu wa Tongaren’s Mother Claims. -

” Mimi Ndio Maria MAMA Yesu,” Yesu wa Tongaren’s Mother Claims.

The year 2023 has brought a wave of attention to Eliud Wekesa, also known as Yesu Wa Tongaren, who has claimed to be Jesus Christ. Each day, new details about this self-proclaimed Messiah continue to emerge, captivating the town’s conversations and curiosity.

Following his online viral fame, Yesu wa Tongaren introduced his wife, Malaika Benjamin, to the public eye, declaring her as his fourth disciple. Furthermore, he introduced his elder daughter, Nabii Enoka, who boldly proclaimed herself to be the granddaughter of God.

Amidst the anticipation, people have eagerly awaited the voices of Yesu wa Tongaren’s immediate family members. Finally, his mother stepped forward during a moment when he was receiving gifts from 2Mbili—a brand new phone and some cash courtesy of Kiddo.

Introducing Yesu wa Tongaren’s Mother

2Mbili presenting a phone gift to Yesu Wa Tongaren, his wife, and his mother The elderly woman confidently claimed to be the mother of Jesus of Tongaren, identifying herself as Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her enthusiasm was palpable, and her conviction in Eliud Wekesa’s identity as the real Jesus was evident from her words.

Though she seldom appears in the limelight, Yesu wa Tongaren’s mother expressed her unwavering support as one of his devoted followers. The live interview marked her first public appearance, shedding light on the family’s deep belief that Eliud Wekesa is their savior, and they remain optimistic about their ultimate salvation and entry into heaven.