MILLICENT OMANGA snatches a Kikuyu man from his wife – Weds him in a secret traditional ceremony! She now has 2 husbands (PHOTOs).

Details are now emerging that Nominated Senator, Millicent Omanga, has two husbands.

According to reports by Tea Master Edgar Obare, Omanga got married to her second husband, identified as Karis, in a traditional ceremony popularly known as Ruracio among the Kikuyu community.

Karis was reportedly married to another woman, whom he dumped for Omanga.

He comes from a wealthy family that runs a chain of businesses in Eldoret.

She helped Omanga to set up a popular entertainment joint in Eldoret called Club Edge.

Interestingly, Omanga is married to another man, identified as Francis Nyamiobo, a medical doctor with years of experience in research on HIV and AIDS.

She is blessed with two children with her first husband Nyamiobo.

It’s not clear whether her first husband has approved her marriage with Karis.

Below are photos of her second husband Karis, whom she allegedly snatched from another woman.

Meet her first husband Francis Nyamiobo.