Millicent Omanga Mpango Wa Kando Who Leaked Her Nudes Now Fears For His Life 

Peter Noel Msangi has been identified as the individual who leaked a sex video of Interior CAS Millicent Omanga. The revelation of his identity came from former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, who warned Msangi that he would face the same fate as Roy Kohadha Ogolla, who allegedly died under mysterious circumstances after leaking intimate photos of Sonko with Rachael Shebesh. Sonko claimed that Msangi was threatening to release even more intimate photos of Omanga. As a result of Sonko’s threat, Msangi has fled to Tanzania to evade contract killers who are said to be pursuing him.

Sonko himself has been accused of killing Kohadha, the photographer who leaked the photos of him with Shebesh. Rumours circulated that Sonko had Kohadha killed after he admitted to leaking the photos. However, Sonko denied the allegations and expressed his condolences to Kohadha’s family on Twitter. Sonko had an affair with Shebesh while he was Nairobi senator and she was Nairobi’s Woman Representative. Their affair was made public after intimate photos of them were leaked online.

It later emerged that their affair ended after Shebesh cheated on Sonko with former Nandi MP Alfred Keter. Sonko discovered the affair in August 2013 and assaulted Shebesh in the basement parking of Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) while she was in his car. The following month, Sonko and Shebesh got into a physical altercation at Crowne Plaza hotel in Upper Hill. The incident caused a scandal as Shebesh was half-naked and verbally abusive towards Sonko. The affair caused Shebesh’s husband, Ambundo Shebesh, significant distress. She later resigned from a parliamentary committee due to the scandal.