Middle-aged man found dead after chewing 'Sly Queen' in a Nanyuki Lodging -
Middle-aged man found dead after chewing 'Sly Queen' in a Nanyuki Lodging
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Middle-aged man found dead after chewing ‘Sly Queen’ in a Nanyuki Lodging

Drama,As a middle aged man was on Tuesday evening found dead a t a lodging in Nanyuki town under not so clear circumstances.

Attendants at the guest house situated at the core of the town noticed that the room in which the man had booked had remained locked for the majority of the day and chose to break the door after they tried to call the said man with no feedback.

After nocking the door down the orderlies his body lying on the floor lifeless next to him lay a packet of used condoms and an empty bottle of alcohol inside the room’s dustbin, they quickly alarmed the police who showed up in no time to pick the body.

The Police officers at the scene who talked on condition of anonymity since they are not authorized to address the press said the man was not officially booked into the premises, an issue that raised concerns.

“The management of this place has failed to produce a receipt book of all bookings for today and the previous days’, something that raised some concerns about their operations. We have picked one of the members of staff who was on duty on Monday night so that she can shed some light,” said an officer.

The body, as indicated by the police, had no actual wounds and was lying on the floor with clothes on.

The officers are also tying to put pieces together on whether it is a murder or suicide case.

It was not settled on whether he kicked the bucket on Monday night or Tuesday during the day on since the body was found in the evening.

A staff member at the foundation told the cops that he was educated by one of the individuals from staff that a specific room was locked from inside and when they constrained to open the entryway, he found the man dead.

Questions arose on how the entryway was bolted from inside and whether there were others and how and when they left the room. Examinations are progressing with the body being taken to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue anticipating after death and recognizable proof.

The police officers took the deceased’s mobile phone and the used condoms for further investigations. He had no identification card or other documents.

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