Meteorological Department in Kenya Announces Rainfall Intensity To Reduce This Week

The Meteorological Department has issued a forecast indicating a forthcoming decrease in rainfall across certain regions of the country towards the end of this week.

From May 7th to May 13th, notable precipitation is anticipated in the Highlands East and West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley during the initial phase of the week.

Nevertheless, a reduction in rainfall intensity is projected across the nation during the latter part of the week. Morning showers are anticipated in the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley at the week’s onset.

Early week forecasts suggest a pattern of morning rain, afternoon showers, and thunderstorms in select areas of northwestern Kenya, followed by intervals of sunshine. Similarly, the Highlands East of the Rift Valley will experience morning rainfall in isolated areas throughout the initial segment of the week.

Several locations are expected to encounter afternoon and evening showers along with thunderstorms during the first part of the week, diminishing thereafter. North-eastern Kenya will witness morning rains followed by afternoon showers and thunderstorms in specific locations, concluding with sunny intervals in the latter half of the forecasted period.

Subsequently, the region will experience periods of sunshine for the remainder of the week. The Coast region is anticipated to encounter afternoon and evening rains in isolated areas, occasionally extending to multiple locations.

The Meteorological Department has cautioned about the persisting risk of flooding in low-lying regions, flood plains, and urban areas characterized by inadequate drainage systems. Tragically, the toll from floods has escalated to 228 deaths, with 164 individuals sustaining injuries, and 212,630 displaced from their homes.