Meru Bishop PETER MACHIUKI finally delivers God’s hidden prophesy to RUTO regarding 2022 after walking 300 kilometers from Meru to Nairobi

Meru Bishop PETER MACHIUKI delivers God’s hidden prophesy to RUTO about 2022 after walking 300 kilometers from Meru to Nairobi

A Meru-based Bishop has walked more than 300 kilometers to convey a ‘heaven sent’ message to Deputy President William Ruto who has expressed interest in becoming president after Uhuru Kenyatta.

Priest Peter Machiuka, 63, of the Harvest Christian Church in Igembe North, Meru County, arrived in Nairobi yesterday and met with Ruto where he is said to have delivered the message in regards to the 2022 General Election.

The Bishop began his excursion at Kamweline through Mutuati-Laare-Kangeta – Meru town to Chuka town prior to going to Embu-Mwea – Kenol – Thika and Nairobi.

As indicated by the so called Meru diocesan, God sent him to deliver the profoundly protected message to the second in command while simultaneously praying to God for the country ahead of the 2022 General elections.

“God sent me to have a prayer walk from village to Kamweline village in Kabachi. Then walk to Nairobi while praying as instructed by God and to safely deliver the prophecy to DP Ruto,” he said.

The Bishop also uncovered that God had told him to pray to President Uhuru Kenyatta to lead the country during this erratic season of Covid-19 Pandemic as well as during the electioneering time frame.

He further encouraged leaders and Kenyans at large to appreciate the leaders that will be chosen in 2022, adding that a leader comes from God.