Meet Slay King Pastor Who Wears High Heels while Preaching

A pastor is stirring up conversation across the continent with his unconventional preaching attire. Images circulating on social media depict the clergyman delivering sermons while donning high heels.

Dubbed the ‘high heels pastor,’ he attributes this sartorial choice to divine intervention. According to reports from the Zambian Observer, the pastor claims that after years of suffering from unbearable body aches, he received a divine instruction to switch to high heels. Previously wearing men’s shoes, he endured various ailments. However, since embracing the directive to wear high heels, he asserts a notable alleviation of his pain.

Contrary to speculations circulating on social media, the pastor clarifies, as reported by Pulse Nigeria, that his attire does not extend to women’s clothing. He emphasizes that his choice of footwear aligns with his spiritual calling rather than conforming to gender norms.

In his own words, “I don’t wear women’s clothes like people have said on social media, but I wear all kinds of shoes, according to the calling I received.”