Meet Kenyan Pastor John Mwangi From Githurai Who Cannot Walk On The Sinful Ground Instead He Is Carried

In the town of Githurai, resides Pastor John Mwangi, an individual who harbors such aversion towards the sinful terrain that he relies on his followers to carry him wherever he ventures….CONTINUE READING

Individuals holding positions of spiritual authority within communities are commonly denoted as clergy or priests.

The twenty-first century witnesses various developments, with a prevailing belief that the imminent end of the world is upon us.

Pastor John Mwangi of Githurai town asserts his proximity to divinity, deeming himself as walking on holy ground inaccessible due to its sacred nature.

His reference to “sinful ground” alludes to land tainted by the blood of innocent victims, a revelation recently made public by John Kamau on his official Facebook page approximately three hours ago.