Meet Ex -Governor Oparanya’s Alleged Side Chic Mary Biketi

Social media is abuzz with speculation surrounding former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya, who finds himself amidst controversy due to his alleged relationship with Mary Biketi, a 31-year-old woman described as his most captivating companion. The online frenzy was ignited when Mary purportedly shared photos and a video online, revealing intimate moments with the 68-year-old former governor.

Kenyan users on various platforms praised Mary for her striking physique and sense of fashion.

Akhanya Labandu commented: “Mary has fearlessly embraced something many Luhya women shy away from. She has pursued a relationship confidently, without playing games. She epitomizes the beauty of a Luhya woman, with her legs, stature, and complexion.”

Magwaz added: “Mary Biketi is strikingly beautiful. Oparanya has definitely hit the mark here.”

The images captured Oparanya and Mary enjoying each other’s company, embracing closely with evident affection. Another photo showed them savoring wine in an upscale bar, while the video portrayed their joyful moments together inside a car.