Meet Benson Wirigi, the Meru Maths teacher reaping big in the pig farming business -

Meet Benson Wirigi, the Meru Maths teacher reaping big in the pig farming business

Meet Benson Wirigi, a Maths teacher from Meru County, Kenya who has found great success in the pig farming business. While many people may not associate the profession of teaching with farming, Mr. Wirigi has found a way to combine his passion for both and reap big rewards.

Mr. Wirigi began his pig farming journey as a hobby. He started with just a few pigs and quickly found that he enjoyed the process of raising and caring for them. As his love for pig farming grew, he decided to take it more seriously and began to invest more time and resources into the business.

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As a Maths teacher, Mr. Wirigi knew the importance of planning and budgeting. He carefully calculated the costs of feeding and caring for his pigs, as well as the potential profits from selling them. He also took the time to learn about the best practices for pig farming, including the proper diet and housing for the pigs.

With his meticulous planning and hard work, Mr. Wirigi’s pig farming business quickly took off. He now raises over 50 pigs at a time and sells them to both local and international markets. His pigs have a reputation for being healthy and well-cared for, which has helped him to build a loyal customer base.

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In addition to the financial success that Mr. Wirigi has seen from his pig farming business, he also takes great satisfaction in the process of raising the pigs. He enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow, and he takes pride in knowing that his pigs are helping to improve food security in his community.

Mr. Wirigi’s success in the pig farming business is a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to put in the hard work and planning. As a Maths teacher, he has used his skills and knowledge to make his pig farming business a success, and he continues to inspire others to pursue their passions, no matter what they may be.