Meet a 70 Years Old Virgin ,Who is Currently Looking for a Man to Marry & Marinate Her in Bed

In the contemporary era, encountering a woman who has maintained her virginity is a rare occurrence. However, Aliphosin Tabarwa, a 70-year-old woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), defies this trend by proudly declaring her lifelong commitment to purity. In an interview with Afrimax English, Tabarwa shared the unique story of her celibacy, revealing that she has never shared an intimate relationship with any man throughout her entire life.

Tabarwa attributed her unwavering dedication to her younger siblings, explaining that she chose to forgo worldly pleasures to ensure their well-being. Her primary focus was on raising her siblings and ensuring they received proper education, leading her to reject advances from men and abstain from physical relationships for seven decades.

Despite societal expectations and the fact that her peers have married and started families, Tabarwa stands apart, having prioritized her siblings over personal pursuits. She proudly declared that her sacrifices were not in vain, as all her siblings have successfully graduated from school.

Now, having fulfilled her responsibilities towards her family, Tabarwa finds herself in a new chapter of life. Expressing a desire for companionship, she is actively seeking a life partner. Publicly announcing her quest for marriage, Tabarwa assures potential suitors that they will find in her a woman of exceptional purity, untouched by the experiences of intimacy.

Undeterred by her age, Tabarwa remains optimistic about finding a suitable companion and embracing the institution of marriage. She firmly believes that age is merely a number, expressing confidence that, with the grace of God, she will fulfill her dream of getting married despite her unconventional journey.