MC JESSY Talks his life as a fake pastor in Nairobi-" I Was A Fake Pastor lakini..."
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MC JESSY Talks his life as a fake pastor in Nairobi-” I Was A Fake Pastor lakini…”

MC Jessy is one of the most adored comedians in Kenya and he has been working with Churchill show for such a long time. Many love him since he’s jokes are never dry and they leave people always laughing. Clearly, many don’t have the foggiest idea what it took for MC Jessy to gain the publicity he enjoys today..

MC Jessy struggled so hard and he even filled in as a fake pastor however his intentions were not decent at all. He simply wanted to gain fame , popularity and money from innocent kenyans. MC Jessy talked about his story while launching Chipukeezy foundation and he said that he once worked as a fake pastor in one church.

MC Jessy claimed that he was praying for people and he recognized a beautiful girl in the group of people who had come forward to receive blessings. Jessy guaranteed that the young lady’s excellence truly enticed him and he was even going to leave the proclaiming service. Jessy claimed that the girl’s beauty really tempted him and he was even about to leave the preaching ministry. Jessy claimed that he really had to control himself and since that moment, he had to change to avoid exposure