Reason why Jose Gatutura doesn't drink alcohol "MaShete"
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“MaShete” Funny Reason why Jose Gatutura doesn’t drink alcohol

Most secular Artists are known to perform in clubs and eateries. In most cases most take alcohol while few don’t. We have however seen a good number of them succumb due to excessive drinking.

Alcohol has however been a cause of more than 50% of divorces, loss of jobs, lack of responsibilities in families, accidents and other negative issues.

Fortunately for Jose Gatutura it’s an alternate story. He doesn’t take liquor. ” I respect my fans so much because they are my bosses. They have made me who I am today. In this case I can’t take alcohol because I will be disrespecting them. I also love my job and I can’t go to perform when I am drunk. “He adds.

He is however know to respect his job and his fans are his priority.

Meet Jose Gatutura,Why he doesn't take Alcohol and Where the Name "MaShete" Came From

“Fortunately for Jose he likes giving his fans the best of his music. I am employed by many bosses who are my fans and without them I would not be where I am today.” He says.

He additionally confirms that “Mashete” comes from the word machette. In the ancient history machette was a symbol of strength and it was used for self defence

Adding to his remarks he explains on why he chose the name and his addvice to the youth
“I decided to call myself Mashete the King. I also urge the youth to spend and invest their money wisely. Never despise your humble beginning.”

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