Maria Actress Dorea Chege is officially engaged to her boyfriend DJ Dibul

Maria Actress Dorea Chege and her boyfriend DJ Dibul have officially announced their engagement. The couple shared the news on social media, posting pictures of the proposal and expressing their excitement and gratitude.

Fans of the couple have been eagerly awaiting this news, as they have been together for several years and have always seemed happy and deeply in love. Dorea Chege is a well-known actress in Kenya, known for her roles in popular TV shows and movies. DJ Dibul is a successful DJ and radio personality, known for his energetic performances and engaging personality.

The couple’s engagement has been met with a lot of excitement and congratulations from their friends, family, and fans. Many people have commented on their social media posts, expressing their joy and best wishes for the couple.

Dorea and DJ seem thrilled about their engagement and are looking forward to the next chapter in their relationship. They have not yet announced a wedding date, but it is clear that they are both excited to start their lives together as a married couple.

Overall, the news of Maria Actress Dorea Chege and DJ Dibul’s engagement has been met with a lot of joy and positivity. Their fans are excited to see what the future holds for this talented and loving couple.