Manze Jayden umecheza kaa wewe”- Kenyans Praise Uhuru For Unlocking The Country.

“Manze Jayden umecheza kaa wewe”- Kenyans Praise Uhuru For Unlocking The Country.

Kenyans have praised President Uhuru Kenyatta after announcing the revised COVID-19 containment measures that gave them a sigh of relief.

Some Kenyans told the president that “Amecheza kama yeye” while a majority thanked him for reasoning with suffering Kenyans in mind.

Joy Pekol: “Thanks for reasoning alone Mr. President.”

Precious Shera: Political gatherings should not be allowed at all. We are at peace without them.”

Kabaraka Alexis: “That pain was too much. Thank you, Jayden.”

Kemboi Cindy: “Thank you, Mr. President. We will Adhere to the measures given by the Ministry of Health. Keep that spirit!”

President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted cessation of movement in and out of the zoned area. The zoned area comprised of Kiambu, Nakuru, Machakos and Kajiado counties.Other measures revised by the government are as follows:

📌 Hours of curfew in the zoned area will be between 10 pm and 4 am beginning today midnight.

📌 In-person and congregational worship shall resume in strict compliance with the Inter-Faith Council guidelines and the Ministry of Health and shall not exceed a third of the capacity of places of worship.

📌 Operations of restaurants and eateries in the zoned area shall resume in strict compliance issued by the government. The facilities are encouraged to utilize outdoor spaces to maximize on physical and social distancing.

📌 All educational institutions in all levels of learning to reopen in accordance with the calendar issued by the Ministry of education.

📌 Resumption of sporting activities shall be guided by regulations to be issued by the Ministry of Health jointly with the Ministry of Sports.

📌 All bars in Kenya are to operate until 7 pm.

📌 Employers are encouraged to allow their workers to work at home with the exception of critical essential service providers who cannot work remotely.

📌 All hospitals are directed to limit the number of visitors for hospitalised patients to one visitor per patient per day.

📌 The prohibition of political gatherings is extended until otherwise directed.

📌 All other containment measures not captured in the above-revised measures remain in force.

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