Man who had an affair with someone’s wife says he regrets his deeds after this happened to him

Extra-marital affairs with someone’s wife can be really dangerous. A man identified as Mike(not
his real name) came to social media to share his experience on how things turned after having a
philandrous relationship with someone’s wife. He says he had been dating a certain lady for a
while who he never knew was someone’s wife. For all this time they had been having intimacy
and enjoying romantic moments.

The lady kept her marital status a secret where she never disclosed to Mike that she was
married. He added that he would spend a lot of money with the lady by travelling to holiday
places like Diani beach and in Malindi just to show his love to this lady. At this time when one
would convince him that he was dating another man’s wife, he would not accept as there was
love in the air. There dating life went for almost eight months and nothing had really happened
to reveal this illicit relationship.

Each month she would even send the lady some money to cater for her basic needs. He added
that each time he wanted to propose to the lady, he wondered why she always told him to
wait. At one particular day after having enjoyed illicit sex, his balls and the entire manhood
swelled in that he was not able to walk. He thought maybe it was normal and after sometimes
things would be okay. Three days passed but the condition worsened. He seeked some herbal
help from Dr Mugwenu as he had known him a through his viral website but suprisgly Dr Mugwenu told him that the lady he dated was
someone’s wife and his husband was his client and if he wanted to the spells to be reversed,

then he needed to seek forgiveness from him. Lucas had no option than seeking forgiveness
and the spells were reversed and the swelling in his manhood was no more. Dr Mugwenu told
him that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither his records, files nor identity
would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on his own volition if he decided to
give a testimony. Mike’s advised other men not to get into traps of dating any lady without
finding if they are married as that can be dangerous.

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