Man Tattoos Oga Obinna's Name "Obinnaz" On His Chest -

Man Tattoos Oga Obinna’s Name “Obinnaz” On His Chest

A man named Zaga Kenya has taken his admiration for media personality Oga Obinna and his family to a whole new level. He expressed his admiration for the love and openness shared between Obinna and his children, and even got a tattoo of the family name. Zaga Kenya also shared that he works in the beauty industry and hosts a Kamba show on YouTube.

Obinna was touched by the love he has been receiving from fans since starting the Obinnaz YouTube channel, which he created to encourage other parents through parenthood. He believes that being a good parent does not require being perfect, and his unscripted episodes aim to help parents and kids alike learn, laugh, cry, and grow together.

Obinna expressed that even though he was not fully prepared for parenthood, his children have given his life meaning and inspired him to create their social media accounts for fun. He never expected the level of following and genuine love his family would receive from strangers, including tattoos being dedicated to them. Other parents have even named their children after his kids and learned valuable parenting lessons from him.

Obinna feels humbled by the overwhelming love and support from fans, and is grateful for the opportunity to share his imperfect but beautiful journey through parenthood with the world.