Man Shocked After a lady He Picked Up at Quiver Lounge During Prince Indah’s Concert Tests Positive

A man was left in shock after a woman he met at Quiver Lounge along Thika Road on Saturday night, during Prince Indah’s concert, tested positive for an undisclosed condition.

City doctor Ken Ouma recounted the incident, explaining that he was enjoying drinks with a longtime friend at the popular entertainment spot when his friend noticed an attractive woman and invited her to join their table. After spending the evening together, the two planned to spend the night together.

Ouma, exercising caution, advised his friend to take a test and suggested they stop by his pharmacy in Kasarani. Following Ouma’s advice, they left the club and both the friend and the woman underwent testing.

To their dismay, the woman’s test results came back positive. Ouma shared the shocking news on his X account (formerly Twitter), urging men to exercise caution and prioritize their health.