Man shares how his mitumba business grew hence becoming his full-time sourceof income

Mitumba business is a popular business in Kenya but always tricky to run. However, second
hand clothes is booming and if you are looking for a business to start, this would be the place
to. As he said, he started the business with only ksh 5000 as he really had no enough capital. He
never even had a shop to do his business and he would just spread and display his clothes in
open streets spaces for his customers to buy.

He said this was tricky as the city Askaris would
harass him as at times they had been taking his clothes as they would say it was illegal to do
that kind of business in the city especially in open places. Ben would daily get a profit of ksh 600
per day.

“Each day I wished that one day I would have my own cloth selling shop instead of doing my
business and at the same time always hiding from the authorities,” he told our source. The
other problem was that there were a lot of people doing the business hence going back home
with something was really some difficult task. Due to the competition most of the times he
would even get home with ksh 400 as profit but he never gave up with the business. it reached
a point he had to reconsider another business but still could not figure out.

He strived to ensure that this business did not come to an end as he had seen the potential in it.
He says his former friend who had been successful into cloths selling business told him that Dr
Mugwenu had made him a successful business man and so he wanted the same to happen to
him. He had Dr Mugwenu contacts and even met him at his offices for the successful business
spells. Dr Mugwenu told him that he exercises doctor-patient patient confidentiality and

neither his files, records nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on
his own volition decided to give a testimony. Ben said that he sold all his tock in one week after
coming from Dr Mugwenu. At this particular time he would make a lot of profits. He even had
to have a shop and abandon the open air kind of selling. Clients would flood his business which
meant a lot of profits for his business.

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