Man Orders Sofa Online at KSh 2800, Realises It’s Only a Toy During Delivery

With the advancement of modern tec, life has been more easier to some people who like to shop online at the solace of their phones or PC and sit tight for home delivery. This has been the norm used by the vast majority these days as they can’t go to the actual shop because of distance and different costs connected with transport.

However, it has always ended in tears as some people do not get the exact product of what they ordered for hence ends up loosing their money to online shops like Jumia.

A man in Ghana has been shocked after being delivered a toy-sized couch rather than the one he had requested for in Jumia. While looking at the Jumia App, the person ran over a couch set esteemed at Kshs. 2800 and he was astounded the way that the cost was excessively low than the ideal value he was anticipating. He was glad that he is fortunate to purchase a couch at the least expensive value yet amazingly he was delivered a toy-sized sofa.