Man Kills Himself Live on Facebook After Wife Cheats on Him

Over the past weekend, a Zimbabwean man residing in Middleburg, South Africa, made the heartbreaking decision to end his own life, broadcasting the tragic event live on Facebook. Identified as Kelvin Mhofu Ngoshi, he reportedly took this extreme step in response to discovering his girlfriend’s infidelity.

According to accounts from Crime Watch Zimbabwe (CWZ), Ngoshi found himself overwhelmed by the distressing revelation that his girlfriend, known only as Kudzi, was involved in another romantic relationship. Matters took a darker turn when, following the dissolution of their relationship, Kudzi allegedly sought revenge by reporting Ngoshi’s involvement in illegal coal dealings to South African authorities, potentially exposing him to legal repercussions.

In the live broadcast, Ngoshi remained silent, capturing himself consuming what viewers initially believed to be an ordinary Coca-Cola. However, it later became apparent that the beverage had been laced with a poisonous substance. Ngoshi tragically succumbed to its effects, leaving behind a young daughter.

The couple had reportedly been together since 2016, enduring a brief separation before reconciling in 2023. Despite their history, it’s been revealed that Ngoshi was engaged in illegal coal activities in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Kudzi’s betrayal, coupled with her alleged disclosure of sensitive information about Ngoshi’s illicit business, compounded his distress and led to his fateful decision.

Kelvin Ngoshi leaves behind not only a young daughter but also a sister battling cancer. As both of his parents are deceased, he served as the primary provider for his family, making his loss all the more devastating.