Man chops off wife’s ears in Kericho, says she does not listen to him

Authorities are currently in pursuit of a man who mutilated his wife by severing both of her ears in Sigowet-Soin, Kericho County, on May 8, 2024.

Sub-County Police Commander Peter Nthiga confirmed the disturbing incident. As per the police report, the perpetrator inflicted this brutal act allegedly due to his wife’s perceived disobedience and failure to adhere to his instructions.

Nthiga addressed the media, revealing that the assailant fled the scene immediately after the assault. He cautioned the public against resorting to violence to resolve conflicts, emphasizing the importance of seeking peaceful resolutions and professional intervention in marital disputes. He urged couples to pursue amicable solutions or seek guidance from counseling services or local authorities.

Assuring swift action, Nthiga stated that law enforcement has intensified efforts to locate and apprehend the suspect. Upon arrest, the perpetrator will face legal consequences.

The incident has rattled the community, with residents expressing shock over the unprecedented violence within their midst.