Man buys a Tank while in Bar, Only to Discover It was Concrete Tank 😭

A sequence of unexpected events recently unfolded in Muthara, Meru County, as a man’s attempt to secure property at a bargain led to unforeseen consequences.

According to reports, an individual named Kalung’e was in the midst of enjoying his beverages at a local tavern within the Muthara market when an acquaintance named Kirimi stormed in with a captivating proposal.

“Who’s interested in a tank? I’m selling a 10,000-liter tank for 20,000 shillings,” Kirimi exclaimed.

Even before the entirety of Kirimi’s proposition could be comprehended, Kalung’e was already intrigued by the appealing offer. A 10,000-liter plastic tank typically carries a market value ranging between 70,000 and 120,000 shillings, contingent on the manufacturer.

In disbelief, Kalung’e was presented with a golden opportunity to bring happiness to his spouse. Swiftly, he engaged Kirimi privately and expressed his intention to proceed with the purchase.

Acting promptly, Kalung’e executed the transaction and notified Kirimi of his intention to collect the tank on the ensuing day.

Chaos ensued when Kalung’e discovered that Kirimi had never possessed a plastic tank. Overwhelmed by frustration, Kalung’e confronted Kirimi, who steadfastly maintained that he had not advertised a plastic tank but, instead, a concrete tank.

“I distinctly stated that I was selling a tank. Nowhere did I mention it was plastic. You must figure out how to manage your tank,” Kirimi defended himself.