Mammito Loses Substantial Number of Followers on Instagram Over ‘Jowie’ Parody Song

Comedian Eunice Mammito faced severe backlash following the release of a skit on her social media platforms, igniting outrage among Kenyan audiences.

The skit, timed closely after Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu received a death sentence for the 2018 murder of Monica Kimani, trivialized the gravity of the conviction.

In the skit, Mammito jokingly encouraged Jowie to exploit his prison term as an opportunity to deceive Kenyans, alongside other distasteful remarks about the conviction.

The timing and content of the skit elicited widespread condemnation from online users, who accused the comedian of insensitivity and disrespect toward Monica Kimani’s memory.

In response to the online backlash, some individuals unfollowed and blocked Mammito on Instagram.

Despite the criticism, Mammito chose not to remove the video, intensifying the backlash against her. She issued a statement seemingly undermining the severity of the situation.

“I have witnessed a rare occurrence, something not seen since 2002, people from every background uniting together against me. It gives me hope for the future that one day we shall unite and combat corruption and other issues plaguing our country. I am currently facing intense criticism. I am a petite woman with no curves, how dare I joke about such a serious matter, but your unity, how it uplifts my spirit!”

However, her response garnered further ridicule, with some accusing Mammito of seeking sympathy after her controversial actions.