Madivani: The Queen Of Kikuyu Comedy Who Shaped Kihenjo.

Most individuals from Mt Kenya Region and those who grew up in the early 2000s know about the thrill of watching a Kihenjo movie in the evening.

During those years, there were no Netflix or theaters but families who were lucky enough to own a TV would gather and play the movies on DVDs and VCDs.

Well, most of the casts on Kihenjo always had a witty and crazy way of nailing their jokes which kept the audience glued to their screens like modern day zombies.

Among the notable cast are Majangwa, Magiri and Madivani.

Our focus today is Madivani, the lady who shaped kihenjo to being the most influential Kikuyu comedienne.

She has been famed in acting as Jezebel, a destroyer in most of the Maisha Magic East movies.

Madivani has been featured in the famous Auntie Boss and on Central Cinemas on Inooro Inooro TV.

Her star keeps shining and as she continue winning, the lady is undoubtedly the queen of Kikuyu comedy who deserves praise from the 20’s kids.